Domestic Harmony / Absolute Radio

Shot on location with a RED camera, these idents were intended to appeal to an audience of music festival-lovers, who once attended every year and now have other ‘adult’ responsibilities keeping them at home. However they could still experience the wonderful atmosphere of the festivals by listening to Absolute Radio’s live coverage. This message was achieved by showing a series of seemingly mundane and homely tasks that were synced with the sounds of live music, sound checks and the tuning up of instruments. All of the sound design you hear in the films was recorded with a band in Shoreditch. Rather than staging the sound, we recorded the band tuning up, capturing the entirely natural feel of live music.


Directors: Blac Ionica
Production Company: Another Film Company
Agency: albion
DOP: Will Bex
Sound Design: Blac Ionica
Voice Over: Christian O’Connell
Final Grade: The Mill