Acerola Berries & Less Is More / Chiquita Smoothies

Our aim with the first Chiquita TVC was to bring the print campaign together with their new smoothie ingredient, Acerola Berries. A simple concept on paper became one of our most complex stop-frame pieces as we took on the challenge of making oranges jump into formation and ‘fly’. The sequence was shot in reverse, so the oranges begin on the floor and find their way back to the log. We also solved what has been a significant dilemma for smoothie ads in the past – the dreaded blend. Instead of employing expensive equipment, we used two plates, one a bottle of smoothies and the other a bottle of fruit. Lay one over the other and, once animated, the fruit appears to magically blend in the bottle.

The second film was done in much the same way, but in this instance it was the pouring of the smoothie which presented a challenge. This was again achieved with two plates, one of the stream of smoothie and another of the smoothie bottle apparently emptying, which was shot in reverse to avoid residue.


Directors: Blac Ionica
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
DOP: Will Bex
Animation: Blac Ionica
Post-Production: Blac Ionica
Music & Sound Design: Blac Ionica