Make With A Red Stripe / Red Stripe Lager

We were invited to Direct something really special with Creative Agency KK Outlet (Kesselskramer) and Scottish Street Artist; Spaceboy, as part of KK Outlet’s innovative ongoing Make Art on the Street campaign for Red Stripe Lager.

As part of the Red Stripe initiative, Spaceboy pasted his illustrations on the Newhaven Harbour shutters in Edinburgh, whilst we captured, choreographed and recorded each one, and documenting the whole process to create a poignant heartfelt narrative film influenced by the D.I.Y. culture and heritage of Jamaica. The shop shutters were then been brought to life through the medium of stop motion animation.

The shoot involved an arduous 6 day shoot in April 2012. Were we endured predictably changeable Scottish weather, from hail, snow and gail force winds to beautiful sunshine.


Agency: KK Outlet
Blac Ionica
Production Company: Blac Ionica
D.O.P: Andrew Fleming